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Hypnosis is a state of relaxed concentration and is a natural state.

Many times people go into a natural trance state without knowing it. The trance state is an altered state of consciousness and it is normal and natural. This happens when we enter in the "flow" such as when we watch a movie that we like, we watch something that interests us, we listen to music, we do an activity that we like and much more. Hypnosis is science, thoughts, emotions and behaviors emit an electrical activity in our brain that manifests itself through an electromagnetic wave. When we are initially hypnotized the alpha waves have a high activity in the brain and are those waves that represent characteristics of calm tranquility and a state of relaxation. In this state the conscious mind lowers its defenses. Then the activity of theta waves increases, which are characteristic of a deep meditation and where it is possible to use the imagination and connect to the dimension of emotions.

Often you do not even realize you are in a state of hypnosis because you are always in control of yourself and what is happening around you. This is because it is a state of awareness and concentration contrary to what it is shown on the films. Hypnosis is self hypnosis you are always in control and you don't do what you don't want to do.

Hypnosis is a fantastic, quick and permanent tool for discovering yourself, understanding and changing yourself. Hypnosis only works with people who want and are motivated to change their life. Hypnosis is useful for managing stress, regaining self-esteem, self-confidence, quitting smoking, eliminating bad habits, eliminating negative beliefs, increasing motivation, increasing performance and much more, creating a balance between mind and body.


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