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Did you know...

Did you know that many celebrities and sportsmen also use hypnosis to deal with negative periods of stress, anxiety, to improve their skills and performance.

Hypnosis helps change behavior because the subconscious mind which is the emotional part becomes more open to receiving positive suggestions by modifying behavior and actions. Hypnosis is used to create life changes, eliminate bad habits, improve and increase healthy choices.

Here are some of the celebrities who have used hypnosis for:

Stop smoking:

Naomi Campbell Adele Matt Damon

Sport performance:

Michael Jordan David Beckham. Tiger Woods


The actress and supermodel used hypnosis to stay relaxed and as a form of pain management before childbirth

Jessica Alba Gisele Bundchen

Actor Kevin Costner used hypnosis to remove the fear of seasickness while filming a movie

Kevin Costner

and many others use and have used hypnosis to solve certain problems and to change into a better version of themselves.


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